Thursday, March 24, 2011

being united...

In a marriage, I think this is one of the best feelings--being united with your spouse in all areas. My hubby and I are finally getting serious about paying off our debt faster. We went through the Dave Ramsey class about two years ago, but never put it to work together. I started it, but the excitement of it fizzled fast since my hubby and I weren't doing it together.
This week we sat down and a had friendly (I know, not even one voice was raised or a cross word was spoken) talk about our goals for our finances and figured out a new system/ budget for our finances. I strongly dislike debt, but yet we have it. The Bible says we are a slave to our debtor and I definitely feel that at times. Often enough, I have played the "what if" game and imagined if we only had a mortgage payment and our normal monthly bills (utilities, groceries)---imagine what a person could do! I'm so excited to see what we can do together---being united with God at the center. I love how my husband is a leader, he has such a charisma about himself. I look forward to see how God will use that gift as we continue on in our marriage journey.

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