Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I can't believe it's already the last day of January; where does time go? I thought I was going to be better at staying up-to-date, but have failed miserably. A few highlights from this month...
We spent a weekend in Fargo. We attended my dear friend Lindsay's little boy's, Mason, First Birthday Party. Lindsay and I have been friends since 4th grade, which translates into us being friends for about 18 years! We even roomed together our Freshman year and part of our Senior year of college. We also hung out with one of Josh's high school buddy's, Jesse, and got met his lovely fiance. Of course we helped spur the economy and did a little shopping too. I was excited to see that they have a Forever 21 and a better Baby Gap then St. Cloud.

The next weekend was Potty Training! Much to my dismay Logan blew my socks off! We began the training at 9:30AM on Saturday and he refused to get off the potty until he had pooped and peed! I loved his determination and persistence. I tried numerous times to get him to take a break, but he wouldn't have it. Finally at 11:30AM he had accomplished what he set out for. I have to give God the credit for his determination. I don't know too many three year olds what would willingly sit on the toilet for two hours straight. We had been praying about this for some time. The rest of the weekend went well, with minimal accidents. He is finally telling us when he has to go instead of us asking him. We use Pull-Ups at nap and bedtime. It's so nice not to have to change his diapers! It's fun to see a new found confidence in him. He's growing into such a big boy!

Last weekend, we ventured to Red Wing for a weekend of skiing at Welch Village with some sweet friends. This was the first time Josh and I had left Shane and only the 3rd-4th time we had both left Logan. My parents were sweet enough to take the boys for us. Originally there were supposed to come to Alex, but last minute plans my mom brought the boys (& Hunter) to Wadena.

We left Alex at about 6pm Friday night. We planned to fit all of us in one vehicle, but of course we had too many bags. So it was girls in one truck and the boys in the other. We arrived around 9PM to the cabin. It was so cute. It was nestled along the Mississippi. Our friend's Uncle went before us and had everything set up and lights turned on. We stayed up until 1AM, eating pizza and snacks, playing games and talking. Saturday we hit the slopes. I hadn't been skiing in about 4 years, but it was just like riding a bike. The temp was 25F with a slight wind, the snow condition was fabulous on most runs. I, however, did not dress warm enough. I was chilled to the bone! I ended up buying a new hat and neck warmer + toe and hand warmers. That night we had homemade soup and tasty bread. Again, stayed up until 1AM talking. Sunday we packed up and headed home. It was a relaxing and much needed weekend. It was wonderful to only have to be responsible for yourself. I definitely missed my boys, but I think Josh and I need to make more time for us, as a couple. I am so thankful for the amazing friends God has blessed Josh & I with. It's so nice to be able to be yourself and know that they love and accept you for you. I look forward to many more weekend getaways!

My last announcement...I never thought I would be this statistic; probably because I'm too prideful, but I was in despair and joined Weight Watchers! After I had consumed 14 cookies in a two day time span, I realized that my eating is WAY out of control. I really appreciate how it makes you accountable to what you put in your body. I'm hoping to reach my weight loss goals by March/April--just in time for the summer months!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is in over her head

I've been sitting at Caribou since 10AM (it's now 3:45pm) working on my book work for my business. I officially feel completely in over my head. I have put off all of my record keeping for 2010 until this week. I'm not asking for your sympathy because it's 100% my fault that I have just begun. Record keeping to me feels like pulling splinters out of your foot. I have managed to record the payments paid to me and have kept my receipts. I bought a book "Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide" and have found it very helpful, but at the same time completely overwhelming. As I'm reading through the chapters I'm thinking of all of the things I needed to do last year when I first started my business and everything that I still need to do for 2010. I also am feeling stressed because this is something you have to do right, I don't want to mess with the IRS. One of my goals for 2011 is to do this monthly and not wait until the end of the year again. Or even better, would be to hire someone to do this monthly for me!

I'm calling it a day. My head feels like it's going to explode and I can feel my anxiety starting to build up.

I hope that each of you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We had a great Christmas and New Years! 2010 marked us starting some new traditions with my little family. The 23rd of December will be the day that we celebrate our Christmas. We had shrimp for dinner (per requests of Logan), opened presents & baked cookies for Santa. I started a tradition of buying my sons an ornament that represents something significant that happened during the year and they each get matching Christmas pi's. Logan got a suitcase ornament to represent our first family trip to the North Shore and Shane got an ornament for his first Christmas. This year also marked Santa officially coming at night to bring presents to our family. I bought a special plate for Santa's cookies and Logan said that Santa needed to chocolate milk, not white milk. Christmas Eve AM the boys opened their presents from Santa and stockings too. Logan claimed that he heard Santa---so cute.

Christmas Eve we went over to Josh's parent's house. We had a lovely meal, went to church (minus Shane and Josh. Shane had a temp and Croupe---poor little peanut), ate some more, opened presents and had a slumber party. Christmas Day we headed to Detroit Lakes to my uncle's house for lunch and then went to Wadena to celebrate Christmas. My sister Eva surprised us and came home for Christmas, she was supposed to come over New Year's. Her friend, Aleece drove her up and also spent Christmas with us. My other uncle, girlfriend and daughter met us at my parent's house that night. We spent the night (its a grandparent rule).

New Year's Eve was spent at home organizing our home. I love Christmas and truly thinks that it's the most wonderful time of the year, but I can't help get stressed about where I'm going to put all of the gifts that we receive. The boy's rooms were just a disaster. I could barely walk in Logan's room there was so much "stuff" every where. I was on the verge of an anxiety attack, but with the help of my darling husband we conquered it! New Year's Day we co-hosted a party at our house. About 35 people showed up, it was a great time. People arrived at 4pm and the last person left at mid-night. I decided that we need to have quarterly parties. I LOVE to entertain and to have people in our home.

Well, that was our holiday's in a nut shell. I should be back on track again with blogging weekly now that the holidays are over with.