Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucky in Love

I've always wondered why I was so lucky to the meet the man of my dreams at the young age of 19 and to be married a month after my 22 birthday. I've wondered why I was so blessed to be able to conceive so easily and to have two healthy boys. I am forever grateful to the Lord that he has blessed my life. I've pondered these questions because I have dear friends who's hearts desire to be married and to have a family, but haven't met "the one" yet. These women love the Lord and life their lives for HIM; just like myself. I know that the Lord has different paths for each of us and that his timing is perfect, but it doesn't always seem fair.

Tonight, however, my heart is rejoicing for a couple of my single friends. The past couple of weeks they both have gone on dates with quality guys. I am so excited that they have met good men. I was at a wedding a few weeks back and the father-of-the bride gave a speech and said that he has prayed that his daughter would find a man that was good, godly and a gentleman. I now pray these things for my single friends and that my boys can be those three things for their future girlfriends and one day wife. I'm excited that the Lord is giving them a glimpse of hope that there are still "good" guys out there. I can't wait to share in their excitement of meeting someone new.

So if you, like my sweet single friends, are still waiting for "Mr. or Mrs. Right" keep trusting in the Lord with all of your heart. The Lord may just catch you off guard and surprise you with someone interesting. Remember, God is good all of the time and He gives us the desires of our heart!


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  2. Kelsi,
    Thank you for such an encouraging post. We singletons appreciate that you think of us and pray for us. I am going to be 22 in a few months. And have never dated. Never been kissed. No nothing. I have liked a few guys, but I have never had a peace about anyone from God. :-) Sometimes it's so hard to trust God, and to wait for his timing and his best. I just try to remember that his timing is perfect, and that he will come through.

    And I just want to add that you are a beautiful mother, and a beautiful wife. Josh and your boys are so, so blessed that you are theirs.