Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Thursday! So this morning I thought it would be fun for the kids and I to attend story hour at the library...the emphasis on this post will be "thought." I am easily excited, sort like the daycare kids, but this morning I should have just stayed home.

The first problem was getting all 9 kiddos to the library, transportation wasn't working out like I had thought, but in the end I was able to make something work. The first incident that threw the kids and I into chaos was our ride showed up 15 minutes early. I was still packing a sack lunch for two of the kids that had to get to pre-school right after story hour. No one was ready! We all scramble to get our things on. I asked the big kids to help the little kids, but the little kids didn't want the big kids help...grrr! We managed to get everyone ready and out the door.

As we arrived to the library the turn to the main access was blocked off due to construction. I had no idea how to get around, but we unloaded everyone and headed out to find a way in. Thankfully another mom was bringing her child to story hour and told me how to get in. During this time, the wind seriously could not have blustered (if that's even a word) any worse that it was. Dirt was flying into the kids and I's faces and it was chilly. We managed to walk around to the other side only to be confronted with stairs. I had my two year old's in the stroller and was not about to attempt this task alone. I put on my assertive pants and asked the first person I saw to help me and to get directions to the library from the DMV office. The other 7 kids were getting pretty rowdy and definitely didn't have their listening ears on. Down the hallways we went, up the elevator, down another hallway, through the doorway and we were there. We arrived to the library at 10:50AM (story hour began at 10:30AM) only to find that it was canceled due to the construction! Our ride was coming to pick us back up at 11:15AM, so we had some time to spare to check out books.

At about 11:10AM we headed out to find our way back to the parking lot. I managed to get us to the elevator, of course with kids fighting to push the button and running off so they could hide from me. We were on the Lower Level and needed to go up, assuming that meant we went to the Upper Level. After two failed attempts to the Upper Level, yes loading and unloading everyone out of the elevator, this sweet lady came to my aide. When we arrived to the Upper Level there was no way to get out and the area didn't look familiar. I failed to remember what level we were on when we first boarded the elevator to go to story hour. After one more trip "up" she enlightened me with the "M" button for Main Floor. As we got off and the surroundings looked familiar I began to sing Hallelujahs at the top of my lungs and even jumped up and clicked my heels together. No, actually I didn't do that, but that would have been funny! The kind lady helped me carry the stroller down the flight of stairs and we were all off again to our ride, not to mention running 10 minutes. I forgot another important detail, it had begun raining too.

We did make it back to our ride, $20 later, wet hair and clothes, with no story hour made for one disappointing outing! Advertisers say that Red Bull gives you wings well Soy Lattes at Caribou makes you think you're Super Mom... and I'm not.

If you can learn anything from this blog post please call the library before you plan an outing to story hour with nine kids, it will save you some stress and disappointed children.

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