Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Black Lung...

It's feels like the last month and a half our home has been hit by the "black lung." We have experiences anything from high fevers, barky coughs, sinus infections, runny noses, ear infections, you name it! So to brighten your day I have some conversations with Logan to share...(warning if you get uncomfortable talking about the human anatomy you may want to stop reading now.)

A parent had just dropped off a child and I was conversing with a parent...
L: Mom, come here I need to talk to you.
Me: Hold on, I"m talking with someone.
L: 1, 2, 3, Go in time out

Sitting in the bathroom, going to the bathroom...
L: Mom, do you have a p****?
Me: No honey, I don't
L: Why not mom?
Me: God made boys and girls different
L: What do you have then...

Shopping at Target in the swimsuit department. Logan is bringing me over different swimsuits that he likes.
He then points to the swimsuit bottoms and says very energetically,
"Mom, there is a spot for your p**** there"

In the bathroom at Target with Logan, someone is right next to us in the next stall...
"Mom, do you need some toilet paper to wipe your p****?"

What is it with little boys and their private parts...I will never understand it. At least it provides some good chuckles here and there.

"Mom! Me did it!!" I look over and Logan's face is glistening with some oily/greasy substance. In his other hand is a tube of butt cream!

I'm going to try to write down more of my conversations and hysterical comments that come out of my son's mouth. Otherwise I will never remember them.
I hope these bright a smile to your face.

Happy Spring?! (at least if feels like it)


  1. Oh man! I have tears of laughter from the Target comments! So funny, Kelsi!

  2. You're right Kels, I did appreciate this, miss you guys!

  3. Love it!!! Aren't children so genuine and HILARIOUS!? Have you ever seen my blog? You should pop on over!
    Have a wonderful - relaxing weekend (Minus the butt creme!) xoxoxoxo