Monday, June 13, 2011

I heart Saturday's!

This past Saturday felt like a dream--it was too good to be true!
I felt amazingly refreshed when my precious little boys woke us up at 7:15AM. Breakfast consisted of cake doughnuts with white frosting, scrambled eggs with cheese & fresh fruit--strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bananas. (This combination was inspired by Kourtney & Adam, they eat this every Saturday.) I met my mother-in-law at the local Farmer's Market and purchased some "killer" monster cookies from Chrissy and grabbed a coffee at Caribou. My sister-in-law, Erika, and her two boys, Ben & Jake, joined us. (Logan did not want to come with, he wanted daddy time--"No girls allowed!") We ended up at Herberger's who guessed it, having a sale and bought some amazing shoes/sandals. I have decided to turn over a new leaf. Instead of going for quantity, I am going to go for quality. I have way too many shoes (some still from high school) and it's time to weed some out.

When I got home I had lunch with my boys and then headed to the golf course. Josh and Logan golfed and I pushed Shane in the stroller. It was perfect weather--blue sky, sun shining and a slight wind to keep us cool. After we got the kids down for a nap, I headed out for a four mile run on County Road 85. I feel like I am on a vacation when hit it's pavement. The road runs along Lake Le Homme Dieu, beautiful trees dance over the road, dream homes line the shore, wildlife is abundant & the smell of lake lingers in the air. Motorcyclist, bicyclist, hot rods, walkers and runners occupy the road. Pandora on my iPhone makes for a great pace setter.

For dinner we tried a new recipe--grilled quesadillas with portobello mushrooms and pepper jack cheese with corn and avocado salad on the side. It was amazing! It was then time for our annual "Little Black Dress" party. I wore my scrunchy, sweet heart neckline dress. I decided to go a little more funky so I could wear my new Rocket Dog heels. The heel is wrapped in a twine and the rest of the shoe is a floral design in bold red, blue, black, yellow, green. We began at Kayla's house for some photos by Lake Carlos and then ventured to Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale. We did make a brief appearance at Bug-a-Boo in hopes for a dance, but instead we people watched.

All in all it was perfect. I was with some of my most favorite people, I got to enjoy the outdoors and put a pair of heels and a dress. I can't wait for many more simply amazing Saturday's!

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