Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So WE Think We Can Dance...

It's another gloomy day in the fantastic state of Minnesota! Yesterday was the first official day of summer which was spent indoors do to the rain clouds hovering over our state. With all of the rain coming down it's put a damper in my running schedule. I have been so thankful that the past two days I have made it to classes at the YMCA. I have had to be very strategical about getting there. You see, my daycare parent's have until 5:20PM to pick up their little darlings. "Pick Up" is quite vague, it just means that the parent needs to be in my doorway by that time; not out of my house. I really enjoy talking with my parents about life, their kiddos, latest shopping deals, special plans for the weekend, etc. so I had to be careful not to get carried away in conversation. I made sure to be dressed in work out attire, have my purse all set, kids fed/changed and strapped in their seats by 5:15PM. Class starts at 5:35 and I live at least ten minutes away from the Y. God-willingly, I have been out the door each night at exactly 5:20PM.

Tonight it was just the little boys and me. Josh is at a golf event for Sertoma. When the hubby is away I have zero ambition to cook a meal (OK, lets just be honest, by the end of almost every day I have zero ambition to cook, at least when he's gone it's a legit excuse.) so Subway was sounding pre-t-t-y good. Logan got to decide which sub we'd be sharing; ham & cheese, toasted. He told me, "Me want a big one, me no share with you." We did share, but he still got a big one--a 6 in. When we got to the counter and turned the "tube" on, low and behold "So You Think You Can Dance" is on!! I heart dancing and I heart this show. During each performance Logan would jump off his stool and bust a move. He thinks he can dance! He has quite the moves. One minute he's a break dancer the next he's a ballerina. He asked if he could stay up just a little bit later to watch a little more dancing; of course I let him.

When it was time to put him to bed, we waltzed (literally) into his room and I ever so gracefully threw him on his bed. He then proceeded to tell me that we were getting married and that I had to dance with him...NOW! So we whirled and we twirled and then we twirled some more. We danced cheek to cheek and even had a little free style time. I tried to hum a tune so we at least had a beat and Logan even joined in. After two different dance's it was time to go to sleep. After our prayers (he prayed for his "little mom" tonight) and asked if I would lay with him for couple minutes. I can't say no to those big brown eyes. As I laid there watching him hide under the covers and telling me when to close my eyes, I took in the moment. I won't get to do this with my little boy forever and I'll never be able to turn back the hands of time. I want to seize as many moments as I can. I am SO thankful to the Lord that he has blessed with two amazing boys. They just melt my heart. I love that no matter what Logan does Shane thinks he is hysterical. Logan is Shane's world. I constantly catch him watching his brother and trying to be like him. Logan simply adores Shane and loves all of the positive reinforcement that he gets from Shane. I've been praying since I was pregnant with Shane that the two boys would just love each other. Thus far, my prayer has come true. There truly is nothing more fulfilling then being a mom. This is what I was created to do.

I challenge you to seize more moments in life. Life doesn't always have to be exactly by the rules. Let your kids stay up a few minutes past bedtime and dance with them, snuggle with them, laugh with them and tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.


  1. Kelsi ... this post brought tears to my eyes. You said it perfectly. I'm so happy you are treasuring those moments. :)

  2. Love this Kelsi. You are an amazing mom and friend.

  3. What a great blog! And I wouldn't agree more with you, brothers are the best!!!!!