Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Little Nutroll!

My Little Nutroll, is another name for my sweet & sassy Shane. I decided that I need to document all of the crazy things he has been up too or I will forget in a couple of months...I blame it on my "mom" brain!

1) Shane LOVES the water. It doesn't matter if it's the dog's water dish, the toilet, bath, pool he will be in it. Some funny water moments have been watching Shane drink like a puppy out of Hunter's water dish while Hunter eats his food. He also thinks that he needs to immerse his face into the dish. I have caught Shane on a weekly basis throwing his nuks, books, and toys in the toilets. He also loves to take logan's cup and drink the toilet water. Our toothbrushes have been victim to being dunked in the toilet and then sucked on by our little Poopsie! He has no fear in the pool. He thinks he can swim like Logan, so you can not take your eyes off of him.

2) He loves Hunter! Hunter is our 7 year old chocolate lab. When Shane wakes up in the AM he typically asks for "puppy." Hunter and Shane swap saliva on a daily basis. Shane loves to snuggle with hunter, lay on him, jump on him, and go for rides on him. If he is sad and we mention the word "puppy" it immediately calms him down. Hunter brings joy to Shane's life!

3) Shane is my daycare bully....right now. I know I shouldn't label him, but he is in a phase. He's learning boundaries and the concept of kind hands. Shane is no stranger to time out. As soon as he has broken a rule he instantly points to the time out wall. He loves to steal the kid's nuks or blankets and take off running with them, all the while he still has one in his mouth and one in his hand. When changing diapers, he loves to tower over the kids and wait for the perfect moment to belly flop on them. Thankfully I am on to his ways and can intervene. He is learning how to share and occasionally hits for no reason.

4) Despite Shane's sassy side, he is one of the favorites of the daycare kids. Yesterday when he was at "Naughty Boy Tuesday" the kids were wishing he was home. He has a sweet side and his personality is contagious. In my opinion, it's hard not too love him. His smile melts you and he exudes joy! He is also a dancing machine!

5) He still adores his older brother. At times I think he is already seeking Logan's approval. He loves to sneak into his room and play with all of his toys. Logan, however, is not so fond of this, but still thinks its an awesome idea for them to share a room. (I think Logan is more excited for bunk beds!) He wants to sit on the stools at meal time just like Logan. He cries when he doesn't get to go where his big brother goes.

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  1. We love your little Shaners! He's got an incredible immune system ... he's so hilarious. I'm picturing his attempts at belly flopping while you change diapers ... so funny :)