Monday, January 30, 2012

Check 1, 2, 3...Check

Don't worry I won't burst out into song or rap for that matter; I just wanted to check in! I had great intentions when I first created this blog, like posting weekly, but life always gets in the way. There have been many times when I would be thinking about a blog post or be in a moment that should have been blogged, but life has kept me distracted! I don't have anything too exciting to share but thought if I started typing that this would turn into a purposeful post.

One thing that has been on my mind is how thankful I am. To make it more specific, how thankful I am for my business. God continues to blow my socks off. I have to give him all of the credit for blessing me with amazing families all the way down to my business name--Agape Kids. From the first day I was an official daycare provider to now three years later, the Lord has provided over and beyond what I imagined. Every time there has been a change to a families schedule or kiddos going off to school, the Lord always provides me a new family to fill in the gaps. For instance, a few weeks ago I decided that I should try to add a couple more kids to my daycare. I had lost 2.5 to Kindergarten and never filled their spaces. I began praying on a Monday and by Friday someone had emailed me about daycare. The next week I was speaking with a friend and lead me to another family looking for daycare. Wow, I serve an awesome God! I'm really excited to have these new kiddos start!

As I type away, Shane is talking away in his bedroom--he's supposed to be sleeping. This last month he's nap schedule has been so off. I can't quite figure him out. He typically naps two times a day (totaling 3-4 hrs) and is in bed around 7-7:30PM. This month he will either refuse to nap completely, or not nap in the AM and barely sleep in the PM, or nap in the AM and sleep a little in the PM, or he will nap like a champ both times and once he only napped in the PM but slept decent. If he doesn't sleep in the AM, he is crabby and if he doesn't nap in the PM he is crabby. If I don't get him to sleep by 730 he is crabby. His behavior would lead me to believe that he still needs two naps and an early bedtime. Any suggestions/tips would be great!

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