Monday, July 2, 2012

A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend was a weekend of first's for us!

Saturday was the FIRST time since March 16, 2012 that we got to spend time with Erika, Sam & boys in a "normal" setting. We all met up to go swimming at our friend Annie's apartment's outdoor pool. The Rodriguez and Timm family were all thinking the same thing before swimming and ran into each other Target in Minnetonka. My family was at the check out and the Rodriguez'a had just arrived. It brought tears to my eyes seeing Erika there. It would be a place that I would run into Erika. To see her out of the hospital was medicine for my soul! It was so refreshing to see her in her element--being a mom, wife and of course shopping (she is the queen at it!).

We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool, squirting each other with water, snacking on treats and just being together as a family. It was great for the cousins to swim together and just to do life like we used too.

Shane was quite the charmer at the pool. He befriended women 20x his age and kept them engaged in conversation--"My num, num, nums!" "Where's Papa?" "Where's MeMe?" "Where's puppy?" He also tried to walk away with some guys' cooler filled with tasty beverages, but to their advantage the cooler weighed more then he did. He definitely invaded other kid's personal space sitting on the pool steps next to them.

Logan, Ben & Jake are little fish! They had so much fun splashing each other and swimming around. The twin's are growing up so fast. It's so fun to sit and have conversations with them. Ben has taken a special liking to me and I love it!! He gives the best hugs!! Logan was very GQ at the pool with his fedora hat and aviator glasses. He likes to make sure that everyone is sharing and following the rules--It's the first born in him ;)

Sunday was the FIRST time we competed in the Warrior Dash held at the Afton Alps. We had a team of seven. It was a whopping 93F when we ran. If you are wondering what the Warrior Dash is, it's a 5K Obstacle Course run. ( The course was jam packed with hills, people, hills, obstacles, and did I mention hills?! We all wore our "Winning for Erika" t-shirts and did the race in her honor. At the starting line the MC was announcing different groups and he announced ours!! Go Erika!! We all made it through without any serious injuries. Next time when we run it we will not do it at three o' clock in the afternoon.

It is crazy to think about how much Erika has overcome in the past four months with her battle with Leukemia. She is such a strong woman physically and spiritually. Her faith can not be wavered! We are SO proud of her!!

I was craving family time with my boys and extended family this weekend. My love tank is on full again and I am already scouting out the next race I will be doing. (I think it will be the du-athalon put on by Church for the Harvest).

Happy 4th of July weekend!!


  1. Your faith and strength in all this is awe inspiring. I can't imagine the torment you must feel as a mom watching him have a seizure.

    A lot of people don't know this, but Steve was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was 12. Thankfully, it is completely controlled with medication (Depicote), which he will most likley be on for the rest of his life, but that aside, his life has been completely normal. He's never been held back from any adventure or activity in life, and he's quite active. ;) While my prayer is that Logan will receive complete healing, if that isn't the case I wanted to encourage you that he can still be a normal, active, strong boy. Especially when he has such awesome parents.

    1. Thanks Amanda, it's been so encouraging to hear about other people's experience with Epilepsy and that my Logan can lead a normal, healthy life! We may have to pick Steve's brain at some point! Thanks for the kind words!