Monday, November 12, 2012

Boy or Girl?

Today is the day that we were able to confirm what the sex of our baby is. I am always on pins and needles when this day arrives. Surprises don't always sit well with me or maybe its just that I get too excited and impatient.

Last month the doctor gave us an idea about what the baby might be and she was right! The Timm Family will be welcoming a baby BOY on April 10th (via C-Section). It's going to be a wild and crazy adventure having three little boys to raise. I am excited to meet this little peanut! This will be the final baby for our family, unless the Lord calls us to adopt one day.

I never pictured myself as a mom to ALL boys. To be honest, it's been a shock to my system. When I first heard the news, last month, I was in denial. I was so sure that this was going to be it; this little baby was going to be my little girl. My pregnancy had felt so different from Logan & Shane's and I was having a lot of the same symptoms as my friends that were having girls. I also knew that the Lord knows my heart and I have dreamt of a daughter since I was a young girl. I even had started her wardrobe! I have all of the websites bookmarked on my computer that I wanted to shop at for when I got the news that it was a girl. I dreamt of all of the girly things we would do together, how I would dress her, how I would raise her to lover herself, Jesus and other's around her. I dreamt of having a work out buddy once she got older and the day that she would get married. I was excited to finally have someone on my side at home, because the boys are always ganging up on me. Basically anything you would dream of, I have dreamt!

I'm not going to lie, I shed a few tears knowing that at this point in my life I will never have a daughter. I'm sure you are thinking that I should just be thankful that I can have children and that I already have 2 healthy boys-- and I am! You see, I am more then thankful for the blessings of my boys. It's a death of my dream, and I need to lay it to rest. I know that God sees the bigger picture and I can be OK with that. I needed to slowly start letting go of that dream and I am thankful I have had this last month to process it.

I have started dreaming about my life with ALL boys and I am excited! I hope that this last one will be a mama's boy, because at this point Josh gets all of the love. I am thankful that I like to do outdoor activities and sports. Hopefully this will help connect me with them once they are older. I pray that with the help of God we will raise men that are respectful, honest, hard-working, kind, compassionate, Godly men. I pray that my boys will want to be friends and have a close relationship.

So there you have it, this concludes a chapter of my life. I will be done bearing children and our family will be of all boys! (At least I don't have to change the title of my blog ;) I am sure I will have some entertaining blog posts in the future!

Josh & I are on the hunt for boy names, if you have any suggestions send them our way!

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  1. Kelsi, you and I have written similar blog posts about the exact same thing...But you know what, the boys are worth it. Too much girl power in a house would be too much I think, not to mention that girl would get spoiled than you...or that is what I keep telling myself. I never had sisters to get close to or a mom to do things with, so in my heart of hearts I always thought I would be blessed with a girl to do everything I never got to do...God has other plans for me. And even though I was sad after finding out my 3rd precious blessing was a boy, he turned out to be the miracles of miracles for me and my family. Our first 2 boys were fertility babies and we were told we couldn't have any naturally, it turned out Doctors don't know everything, only God does. That 3rd little boy just brings absolute joy to an already joyful household. God has plans for your boys. And in my opinion, he knows that you and Josh will raise wonderful men of God who will be absolutely everything a woman will need out of a husband/father/friend...That long term is something I always seem to forget in the here and now. Hugs to you and blessings!!!

    As for names, I've always liked the name Tucker, Levi, or Evan...for some reason, they got shot down over on this end and we ended up with Lance, Adam &