Friday, December 3, 2010

Big Fluffy Snowflakes = Giddiness

I am full of Glee! I feel like a child when big fluffy snowflakes fall from the sky. I just want to stay outside and take in every flake. Tonight the boys and I are going to get cocoa, of course at Caribou, and then drive around and look at Christmas Lights. I'm way too excited!

This year we ventured to Wadena and spent Thanksgiving with my mom, dad, Kourtney & Adam. We had a lovely time. The food was amazing, but the company was even better. The holiday season fulfills my desire to have quality time with my loved ones---it's one of my love languages. I love to just "be" with my family and friends. Thanksgiving was great having the (little) boys to entertain us, but it wasn't quite right now having my other siblings there---Lucas, Eva and Andre. They all live out of state so their visits are not often enough. My dad gave us a sneak peak of his light show, all I can say is he had out done himself again. The drive to Wadena is really worth it. This year the program is almost an hour long. He has had to rebuild a lot of his light show since the tornado hit this past summer. He has put some many hours into the light show--I admire his passion and perseverance. He added a ten foot wreath this year with a projection screen in the middle that plays video with various cool.

Friday when we got home from Wadena we partook in the Black Friday madness. Granted it was already after 11AM, the mall and Walmart/Target were still crowded. Josh & I managed to Christmas shop for the boys while they sat in the cart. It really was a team effort to pull it off. Our strategy included two shopping carts, walking up and down all of the toy aisles so Logan can tell us what he likes and then Josh takes the boys to get wrapping paper and I go back for the kill. I came to the conclusion that anything we buy Logan he will love. This year Santa will be coming to our home. Logan wants to make sure he's on Santa's "Nice" List. He is all excited to have cookies and milk for him. The holidays are more alive with kids. It's so fun to see the joy in their faces & their innocence is so sweet. I want to make everything extra special & start to set traditions.

My darling husband walked in the door with dinner in hand so I best be signing off!
Until next time.

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