Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not the brightest bulb on the tree...

My core is almost warmed back up to 98.6 degrees thanks to my caramel latte that I actually made--I know, who would of thought? I can almost feel my toes again thanks to my green and white cozy boot slippers. Let me explain myself...

This morning I took my daycare kids to Play & Pray at my church. One of my friends informed me about the Holiday Train stopping through town this afternoon. There was going to be Christmas music, santa, etc. That sounded like a great time. I called our transportation system to see if they could pick us up. The plan was McDonald's for lunch and then head to the train with some of the other mom's---this was going to be a fun surprise for the kids. Well, the bus was late to pick us up from the church to bring us to McDonald's. I knew there was not going to be enough time to eat there...we had about 25 minutes to spare. My girlfriend loaned me her van and I went and grabbed lunch for the kids. By the time I got back to the church the kids had 10 minutes to eat their food. The bus arrived five minutes early this time, but I had them wait so the kids could finish. We arrived at the park where the Holiday Train had stopped. One of my friends greeted us as we got off and she had brought a pair of boots for me to wear. As we were exiting the bus one of my little honey's has a major melt down, not sure if it's because she saw Santa, but she was determined for me to hold her the whole time. So needless to say, I never put the boots on. As we are walking towards the box car to join in the festivities I notice that a couple of the kids don't have their mittens on. They left them on the bus...fabulous. My kind friends gave us their mittens to my little kiddos. I have ballet flat shoes on, with NO socks on and only a North Face fleece and scarf (here comes the part of me not being the brightest bulb) and I gave my mittens to the little peanut that wouldn't stop crying. Initially I'm feeling no pain since I'm consumed with getting my kids bundled, but about five minutes later I was beginning to feel the pain; I'm sure the kids were too. Thankfully two of my friend's had vans that we could all pile into to warm up until the bus came to get us again. We maybe lasted 15 minutes out there.

I learned two things from this adventure gone sour...
1) I have the best friends in the world. I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and kindness.
2) It was way too cold to be outside, even if the kids had hats, gloves, warm jacket and boots. I will always wear boots when taking daycare outings. I don't always know what the day holds, and today I learned the hard way.

Thankfully when we got home the kids didn't seem to bothered about being outside. They are all snuggled away in their beds for a nap. Learn from my mistakes, if the Holiday Train is coming to town make sure you and your kids have snow pants, hat, scarf, winter boots. scarf/face mask, gloves and hot cocoa in hand. I felt irresponsible and almost out of control (since I can't control the weather) that I even brought my kiddos out. We should have just went home, but I am thankful for Jesus protecting us from frost bite and for my dear, sweet friends!

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