Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pin It!

I have officially caught the bug--the Pinterest Bug!! The New Year and warm weather has got me in decorating mode. I know it's only January, but I already have "spring fever!" This could be a good or bad thing. I've been dusting, organizing and dreaming of how I want to redecorate our home. I love that Pinterest allows me to save all of my finds on one website instead of over crowding my bookmarks on my computer. What a concept, it's brilliant really!

At night I find myself "pinning" ideas for our bedroom and what my dream kitchen would be. Josh and I have started the Dave Ramsey budget/lifestyle so there is a special fund set aside to re-decorate our room. I've always envisioned our bedroom being a sanctuary, a place that I could retreat too and leave my worries and stresses at the door. This, however, is not the case. Our bedroom is my least favorite room in the house, but I plan to change that this year.

Look forward to future blogs, when the re-decorating begins! What are your favorite ideas/pictures to pin?

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