Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Five Precious Years

The little man that made me a mom turned FIVE last Thursday--Logan Jeffrey! I never could have imagined what it meant loving someone so much until he arrived. (Minus the love for my husband and Jesus) I never knew that kissing hurts, changing diapers, middle of the night feedings, witnessing his love for his little brother, listening to his laugh, teaching him right from wrong, watching him play and learn could be so rewarding.

Logan fits the "first born" mold to a 'T.' He likes to make sure everyone is following the rules, he tries to boss his mom and dad around, cause he already knows so much ;) He makes sure that everyone is happy and is tenderhearted. He loves being outdoors and hunting with his papa's and dad. He still loves to help with projects and thinks the world of his dad. I swear he is part-fish and has the most adorable physique. He is one of the toughest little boys I know, watching him go through all of the tests and seizures from his Epilepsy he has proved himself resilient.

I love how he, mostly, always loves his little brother. He tries to include Shane in activities and teaches him how to do new things. He protects him and loves him so much. Bedtime is my favorite when we pray together as a family and then the exchange of hugs and kisses take place. It looks more like a wrestling match.

Logan is taking a liking to sports--baseball, soccer and wrestling are among his favorites. He also has a love for music---singing, dancing, instruments (he tries). For a long time he thought he was Troy Bolton (Zack Effron) from High School Musical. He would dress like him most days, quote his movie lines and mimic his dance moves and songs.

Logan is a family guy. He loves all of his aunts and uncles and can't wait until the next time he gets to see them again. He has a special relationship with all of his grandparents and his cousins are like brothers to him. Logan loves it when mom goes away for the weekend, so he can have "Guys Weekend." Guys Weekend consists of my darling husband buying all the foods that I wouldn't, watching movies, having bonfires and staying up late!

He loves school. On his first day of pre-school last year, I was concerned that he would have a tough time adjusting. He gave Josh & I hug and waved good-bye and has never looked back. He's independent when he needs to be, but still wants/needs his mom and dad.

I could go on and on about my little man. Logan brings so much joy to our lives and I thank God everyday for giving him to us. Our lives are forever blessed!

I love you all the way to Jesus, buddy!

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