Monday, May 23, 2011

Awesomeness=My hubby!

Sunday I was living the ENTIRE day of just me and my main squeeze, Josh! We set off into the sunrise--well kind of, more like a terrenchel rain storm, and headed on a shopping trip. (Of course we swung by the 'bou for my latte fix) I had been expressing to him that my love tank was low and was in major need of quality time with him. Our first stop was IKEA. If you have been reading my blog you will know that we are in the process of re-decorating our living room, so on the agenda was picture frames, picture frames, storage shelving unit and more picture frames. We were in there for 2 hours. I love walking through there and dreaming together. At some point we would like to get new furniture in our bedroom and when Shane is older the boys will share a room, so we were planning on how we would decorate.

My other item on my check list was "summer play clothes" that consisted of shorts, tees and tanks. I have a tendency to be prideful and don't always like the way my legs look; especially in shorts. This summer, however, I have vowed to wear them. I need to get over myself and instead of suffering from the heat just put on a pair of shorts! Josh was so sweet as he listened to me say, "Do these look OK, do they make my legs look fat? Are you sure? Promise? You know you can tell me?" He even help pick some out! I did find four pairs. Shorts are good motivation to continue running. We shopped Old Navy, H&M, Jcrew, Len & Banana Republic. I was able to do some damage; I should be set for awhile. Josh didn't even say "no" once. (He needs to come shopping with me more often ;)

The entire day couldn't be entirely perfect...Our next stop was Costco. We have decided to get a membership; so excited! I was trying to be a good wife and entered Costco, Maple Grove into my GPS system on my phone. I was the navigator and was reading off the directions to Josh. Twenty-five minutes into the drive to "Costco, Maple Grove" we are going through Chaplin, Anoka and had passed the 694/94 exit. I wanted to believe that my directions were right so I wasn't ready to admit to my flawed phone. I kept thinking that maybe they were having us take the back roads and not drive thru the town. (that's the part of me that really wants to see the best in everyone). Josh had had enough. He was ready to throw my phone out the window. We ended up with an hour detour and missed going to Costco since they closed at 6pm--so bummed! We then headed to Bennihana's for dinner. I think this is what got Josh through all of the shopping. He had been dreaming about eating sushi all week. We walked in the door and they didn't have an open table until 8pm! No bueno!

We ended up eating at Biaggi's and had a wonderful meal. This is going to sound really vain but our waiter couldn't believe I was almost 30! I had a glass of wine with my dinner and was carded. He proceeded to tell Josh and I then he couldn't believe it. It was very flattering. (He got a good tip and was a really good waiter too...just so you know) There was a family of 4 sitting across the aisle from us and their kids were being kids. Josh and I looked at each other and just laughed. We felt like we were newly married again; carfree, remember those days? (these days are wonderful too, just different.)

We arrived home around 10PM. Nana & Papa Greg had the boys from the AM-6PM and then MeMe and Papa Jeff took over until we got home. SO thankful for family!! The boys had a wonderful time and I think the grandparents did too.

So, tonight after work we were all excited to start hanging pictures. We had purchased this new 3M product that doesn't require nails, it's velcro to hang pictures. Well, lets just say that my sweet hubby spent 2 hours prepping, hanging, re-hanging (it wasn't quite right) to only find that the velcro does stick to the paint on the frames. So after all of his hard work, we have one picture hung on our soon to be frame gallery.

The rest of the week my darling husband has something going on. I casually reminded him of that and reminded him of how fast he is at putting things together. At 10PM he begins to put together our new shelving unit that goes in a bedroom downstairs. He is SO sweet and it seriously took him 20 minutes--the man has skills!

So yesterday was pure bliss for me. I have decided that Josh and I need to spend an entire day together more often. I assured him that it won't always be shopping and in fact he gets to pick the next outing!

I'm signing off for the night. Keep checking back, photos will be posted soon!


  1. That's so great! I'm so glad you are all doing so well!! Take care!

  2. Kelsi, I love you. Just gotta say that. And again...I love you. I am so thankful to God that we are friends.