Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This last few weeks I have felt burnt...burnt from work, daily house chores, the mundane of life, the weather, getting back into shape and the list goes on. It doesn't help that our Spring has been little to nothing; we were so spoiled last year. I crave the sun, I'm energized from it and feel like a brand new person when in it's presence (just like Jesus!). Life just seems better and maybe even a little easier when we can be outside without 3 layers on. These past few days I have been "living the dream--the daycare dream!" I have recited that line to almost every parent as they picked up their child(ren). The kids have been on their best behavior, everyone is in much better moods, there have had kinder hands and words and we have been soaking up the sun!! It's days like these that make me appreciate my job even more. I remember when I used to have a desk job and I would daydream about being out in the sun and would find any excuse to be out there, now I can be!

Today I was outside from 9:30-3:30PM!! I even am sun burned! So I hope each of you can be renewed by this amazing weather and find time to take in God's creation and thank him for all that he has creative for us. Thank him for giving us the sun that energizes us and for the lushness that is so appealing to the senses. As I went for a run pushing my boys in the stroller I was admiring the green lawns, the smell of fresh cut grass, the beautiful lake and the buds on the trees.

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